About the American Buffalo as IAMCA’s symbol

When first brainstorming for the I.A.M.C.A. logo, I began by exploring various symbols, representing “community”.  One that quickly rose to the top of my list, you guessed it, the American Bison! 

And as I researched more into the American Buffalo, as a symbol, I was thrilled to find that, not only is the buffalo (and bison) shared by numerous cultures, all throughout history, as a symbol of “community”, but also several other attributes that fit perfectly with the I.A.M.C.A.’s core values.

Here’s a list of some of the more commonly held symbolic attributes, that ultimately convinced me the buffalo was the right one to represent The Independent Arts & Media Community Association’s mission.

  • unity
  • vision
  • creativity
  • service to community
  • grounding
  • abundance
  • humility
  • knowledge
  • gratitude
  • generosity
  • hospitality
  • sharing
  • courage
  • strength
  • challenge
  • endurance
  • survival
  • protection
  • altruism
  • formulating beneficial plans
  • manifestation of goals